KeeyPon: Time to Save More!

There is a common belief that people get what they paid for.
But the truth is customers are paying a lot more to third parties and sales channels other than the product itself.
When you explore the products at the best price here, you're supporting our belief about how a product should be sold.

KeeyPon may still fairly unknown to most of you, but as an Aukey subsidiary we are aiming for high-quality products at extremely low costs.
To achieve this goal, we pick out the best offers on the market and purchase at a large quantity to ensure the lowest price possible.
The name “KeeyPon” sounds similar to “coupon” and has the additional “key” from Aukey.

The low prices are due to the elimination of unnecessary distributing channels and having the items in a US Warehouse.
Therefore, shipping only takes about 3 – 7 days and orders over $28 will be shipped without additional shipping fees.
Also, you can return your items easily should you not be satisfied with them and can pay via PayPal. That should make things really easy.