[Out of Stock] Balance Bike with No-Pedal Footrest

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Your kids need a balance bike!

A balance bike teaches your child a very crucial skill: balance. Learned early, this can have a notable impact on their confidence when it comes to cycling unsupported. Not only this, a balance bike will teach your child to control the movement of the bike with their body weight and steering.

Comfortable Seat

  • Made of PU leather, comfortable to seat
  • Curved setting to prevent fall down

Air-Filled Tires

  • Air-filled tires made for easy rolling
  • It provides great stability
  • The ride is smooth and not scratch

360 Degree Handlebar

  • Handlebars have a good adjustment range
  • Easy to control

Sturdy Frame

  • The high-tensile strength steel frame is lightweight and virtually indestructible

Product Details

Safe Material
Aluminum + PU
Handlebar height22.5”- 24.6”
Saddle height13.8”- 17.3”
Maximum carrying capacity100 lbs                                                                                                                                      
Package in the box1*Handlebar
3*Front fork with front wheel (comes attached)
4*Frame with back wheel (comes attached)
6*Instructions on assembly and use