Retractable Extension Cord

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Wall Mounted & Ceiling Mounted
Retractable cord reel can also be mounted to the ceiling or wall for a more centralized location in the shop for easy storage and to free up the workspace. (Screws included).

Adjustable Cord Stopper
An adjustable cord stopper can increase or decrease the remaining length of the rope when fully retracted.

The power cord reel telescopes quickly and smoothly, and the clever auto-guide winding mechanism eliminates knots and tangles (pull-and-stop).

Orange Reset Button
Built-in circuit breaker prevents tripping of circuit breakers or blowing of fuses, which can be reset by simply pressing the orange button.

50in Retractable Power Cord Reel
50-inch +4.5 SJTOW cord reel, oil, and water-resistant and cold temperature resistant to -40°C.

65+4.5 FT Retractable Power Cord
The 65 FT retractable power cord plus 4.5 FT lead-out cord allows you to reach throughout your home or garage and is ideal for power tools and other high-powered equipment, including circular saws, drills, and major commercial tools.

Rugged Material
Retractable cord reels are made of polypropylene, which is oil- and moisture-resistant; Reinforced housing for reinforcement and drop protection.
Please note: Cord reels should be used in a dry environment to prolong their service life.

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