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Sous Vide Companion

Cooking with sous vide ensures your food is evenly cooked without any mess and it goes into grilling or pan-frying.
It kept its original appearance and better texture. 

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Long Storage

Vacuum sealer sucks the air out and seals the durable airtight bag to preserves the aroma, freshness, taste and shelf-life of foods for later consumption.

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Save Space

Say goodbye to cluttered and unorganized refrigerators and freezers.
Easily identify different foods with clear vacuum seal bags and save space.

Bulk Storage

Gentle mode for soft and delicate food(eg. lettuce, chips and bread),
Dry mode for dry food (eg. aged cheese and sausages), jewelry, documents and photos.
Moist mode
for wet food (eg.meat and fish). 

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Automatic Vacuum Seal

Touch to open. Simply put the bag in the vacuum chamber and the machine does the rest. 

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Customized Vacuum Seal

Six choices with ten combinations.
The stop button allows you to stop the vacuum when sealing fragile food.

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Detachable Drip Tray

Removable and dishwasher-safe drip tray is easy to take it out and clean after use. 

Fully Starter Kits

Built-in cutter allows for customized bags. Provide 5 pre-made bags (11.8in x 7.8in) and a large vacuum roller(7.8in x 80in) 

How Long Can You Save It?

​Storing your goods for the long haul? Your freezer is well-equipped to keep food safe for a longer amount of time, but this area is prone to certain conditions that may affect your food's texture, taste and quality. Using a vacuum sealer, as well as following the proper freezing guidelines for each type of food, can prevent freezer burn for a longer amount of time while preserving your food's integrity for longer. Meats, like beef, poultry and fish, generally only stay fresh for about six months when stored in the freezer by conventional methods. Using your vacuum sealer can extend that shelf life to about two to three years. Vegetables are also well-suited for your freezer, but it's important to blanche these foods before vacuum sealing, as this may further extend the shelf life from eight months to about two to three years.


Your freezer is not the only place where your vacuum sealer can have a significant impact on your ingredients' quality. Cheese generally lasts between one to two weeks when stored, but using your vacuum sealer extends that length between four and eight months. The same is true with fruits and berries - while most fresh fruits last about one to six days in the fridge, they can stay fresh for about one to two weeks when preserved with the vacuum sealer. The National Center for Home Food Preservation noted that keeping fruits in a drawer can further extend the freshness of this food.

Dry foods and baking ingredients are well-suited for your pantry, but can they be vacuum sealed? The answer is a resounding "yes" - not only can you use this appliance, but doing so drastically increases the time these ingredients stay fresh in this area. Your flour and sugar, for example, may last up to six months in the pantry, but storing them with a vacuum sealer increases that range to about one to two years. Your rice and pasta may have the same results - both may last up to six months when conventionally stored, but that number jumps to one to two years when vacuum sealed.


1. Please make sure the buckle plugged in the side. (Necessary to prevent any leakage from the vacuum chamber to achieve better vacuum result.)
2. When sealing soft or juicy items in plastic bags for freezer storage, it is best to freeze the items for a few hours before vacuum sealing them. This prevents the food from being crushed or losing its juice during the vacuum process.
3. Moist foods contain a high volume of water. Moist foods are primarily composed of plant-based foods, including many fruits and vegetables.

Product Details

Product Dimensions 18.6 x 9.8 x 5.2 inches 
Shipping Weight 4.54 pounds
SpecificationRated Voltage: 120V, 60Hz
Rated Power: 120W
Vacuum Power: 0.8 bar
Construction Material: Engineered ABS
Power Cord Length: 3.28 ft
Vacuum Sealing: 10-20s
Non-vacuum Sealing: 5-10s